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Newsagent is an RSS feed aggregator designed to be both flexible and extendable.


Screenshots of Newsagent in various stages of development are available here.

Getting Started

As Newsagent is a Java-based application, you must first install the Java Runtime Environment. Newsagent is compatible with Java 5 or later, which you can download from here.


Download the latest Newsagent installer and run (i.e. double-click on) it. The installer should now assist you to install Newsagent.

Select the Newsagent icon from either the Start Menu or Desktop to launch.

NOTE: For the current (preview) release Newsagent will launch in debug mode (i.e. with a console window). This is because for some reason launching with javaw (no console) consumes 100% CPU, thus detracting from the overall Newsagent experience. :)

How to use

Open your browser to a blog or news site with an RSS feed (or you can try my blog feed if you like). These are typically denoted by an icon similar to the Newsagent icon. Right-click on the feed link and copy to the clipboard. Click the Add button in Newsagent and you should see the feed URL in the dialog. Click OK.

To read a feed select it from the feed list on the left. Select feed items from the main table to view. You may also double-click a feed item to open it in your browser. When you are finished, click Exit.

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